Uses of the shell script in organisations

Your Active Directory structure’s setup and deployment are determined by group policy. Sysadmins spend a lot of time attempting to implement these group policies. It can be because customers are using external DNS servers or because the organizational structure is unclear. GPO links’ proper operation can be ensured by using PowerShell scripts.

If the log file is linked to a server process, the process must be stopped before to the rotation and restarted once the rotation of the logs is finished. After reaching a specified file size, the bash script will assist in rotating the log file.

Sometimes hacking may create extra TCP connections. The bash script counts the number of TCP connections currently active on the system and displays it on the screen together with time and date-related data. This can expose the potential hacking activity.

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Shell scripts can be used to automate the data backup process by creating a corn job and scheduling the shell script to execute data backup commands and complete the task quickly and easily with the timestamp being stored so it will be simple to use them later when we want to use the backup of a particular day. Shell scripts can also be used for data archiving, restoring the system to a specific date, and monitoring the system status while performing backup operations. By using the backup data that we had previously stored and shell scripts, we may complete all procedures, including system restore.

Several daily jobs, repetitive tasks, etc., can be automated using shell scripting. The built-in routines for for loops, while loops, and other shell scripts can be used if we wish to run the same command more than once. sed/awk can be used to find patterns in a single file, and it can also be used to find patterns across multiple files.

Get the lists of processes that are currently active on the system, and then identify the processes that are utilizing it to terminate multiple processes that are using more CPU power, taking longer, etc. We can build up a new system with the new operating system and then install the necessary packages so a user can utilize it for his work, or we can automate the process of installing the prerequisite packages on a system before launching an application.

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